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A little while ago there was a request for feedback on the concept for the community, but I failed to do the most obvious thing: make a poll!

General Concept

Make [community profile] harrypotter a general discussion/info/meta/announcement community that allowed for cross-community promotion and event promotion. [community profile] harrypotter would be a 'bulletin board' for HP fans on DW.

A Sticky Directory of HP on DW

At the top of the community would be a sticky post with a 'Master List' of all communities on DW for HP. It would be organized similarly to this DW F/F Links List on [community profile] girlgay.

Non-replication of Existing Communities

I don't see any need for this community to replicate what other communities on DW do. There's already a community for general fanworks ([profile] hp_fanfiction), and there's one for fanart ([community profile] hp_fanart), and there's all kind of little ones for things like ships and slash and femmeslash, and even [community profile] hp_add_me for things like finding other Harry Potter fans. As a result, the tagging system would be more general.


There could be tags for fanfiction, fanart, discussion, and promo, but not deeply extensive shipping and character ones like at [profile] hp_fanfiction. Tags might look like the following: media: fiction; media: art; event: exchange; event: fest; event: friending meme

Cross-community Promotion

Like [community profile] fandom_on_dw, we could have two templates for posting/advertising:
1) a template for a new DW community that's HP-related
2) a template for an HP event/exchange

Communities would have to be on DW. If you have a community dedicated to Minvera's Hats on LJ, you couldn't advertise it here, because, hey, we're all on DW and not on LJ.

HOWEVER, if you were running a fest dedicated to Minerva's Hats on your Minerva's Hats community, you could advertise it, because a one-shot event is something that's relatively easy to participate in across journaling platforms.

If there was demand for it, we could also have a post, which was linked in the master sticky-list, where non-DW general HP communities could advertise.

Poll #9159 Community Feedback on Plan
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The proposed plan for the community

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Shouldn't be implemented
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(Other; please comment)
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(Poll format shamelessly stolen from [site community profile] dw_suggestions)
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Normally, I would not have made this post, and instead contacted the mod. Unfortunately, [personal profile] jen does not appear to have any public posts on their journal, and has Private Messaging turned off.

Does anyone know what this community was intended to do, or have any ideas for it?

As far as HP stuff on DW goes, there's got to be some kind of void in HP fandom that this community could fill.

As far as I know, there isn't a community dedicated to promoting HP communities, but I'm not sure people would want one. Any ideas, other people out there who are members of [community profile] harrypotter? :)

edit - Suggestions

Occasional tasteful promotion
Directory of HP things
People's favorite fics
Pottermore chat

Harry Potter discussion

social bookmarking tags for HP fanfic!


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