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Expecto_Patronum, a complete Harry Potter read through at dreamwidth!

[community profile] expecto_patronum is a Harry Potter read-along community run by four friends looking to relive the magic of the Harry Potter books by reading them with a group of like-minded fans. Feel free to join, comment and discuss the books, characters and the world created by JK Rowling, even if you're not officially doing the re-read with us. We host social posts numerous times a week and are an active bunch, so please don't be shy.
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Link: [insanejournal.com profile] hp_beholder (administrative cross-posts at [community profile] hp_beholder and [livejournal.com profile] hp_beholder)

Description: This exchange is for f/f, f/m, m/m, and poly works that focus on unconventionally attractive Harry Potter characters. This is no mere rare-pairing fest! Here you will find the very large, the very small, the well-weathered, the silver-haired, and wizards and witches with interesting faces who are under-represented in fic and art by those who do not appreciate their charms.

General Information

Sign-Up Post

Sign-up date/deadline: February 6th, 2014

Due date: March 27th, 2014

Posting date: April 9th, 2014

Type of Media Accepted: Fiction and Art
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Otter & Ferret: A Hermione/Draco Gift Exchange. Sign-ups Open January 15
On Dreamwidth | FAQ | 2014 AO3 Collection Profile

Otter and Ferret Gift Exchange is an annual Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy gift exchange. Participants submit prompts and create a 1,000+ word story tailored to one or more of another participant's prompts. Gifts are created anonymously, and then shared with the community. Authors are revealed one week after gift reveals.
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The Deflower Draco Fest: It's time to deflower Draco! Catch him if you can!
On Dreamwidth | On LiveJournal
The Deflower Draco Fest is for fanworks that prominently feature the virginity (and de-virginizing) of Draco Malfoy. This round we return to het! Claim a prompt or work from your own idea!
Prompting: May 20-May 25
Claiming: May 27-May 31
Works Due: Aug 14
Posting Begins: Aug 19

Fanworks accepted include fanfic and fanart (excluding fanvids and fan mixes). Click the links above for fest rules and more info.
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Otter & Ferret
News Community | FAQ | AO3 Collection
Otter and Ferret 2013 has arrived! Works revealed on the following dates:

April 29, 2013: Otter and Ferret Gift Exchange 2013 and Otter and Ferret Mini-Fest 2013
May 6, 2013: Otter and Ferret Forever 2013

In addition, Otter and Ferret Forever 2013 will remain open for submissions until January 14, 2014!
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D/Hr Advent December 1st - December 24th: Twenty-four days of art and fiction.
On Dreamwidth | On LiveJournal
D/Hr Advent has invited twenty-four authors and artists to create a short Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger one-shot or work of fanart. Starting on December 1st, one work will be revealed each day through December 24th.
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Link: [community profile] pod_together / [livejournal.com profile] pod_together

Description: A multifandom comm where authors and podficcers join together to collaboratively create fan works.

Sign-up date/deadline: Open for sign ups June 18 to June 30 on DW and LJ.

Due date: July 28, 2012 (for writers), August 12, 2012 (for podficcers)

Posting date: Starts August 15th

Type of Media Accepted: Writing and podfic.
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[community profile] pimpmyfic is a DW community for pimping your own fanfiction--that's right, your fic. We like praise and ego-stroking around here. :D It's not just Harry Potter, all fandoms are welcome. :D
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Link: [community profile] reversathon

Description: A 'reverse' ficathon where participants request the story or art they wish to receive from anonymous author/artist adverts. Welcomes m/m and f/f slash, het and gen equally.

Sign-up date/deadline: Monday May 7th

Due date: Monday 16th July

Posting date: Throughout August 2012

Type of Media Accepted: Fics and art.
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Harry Potter Anonymous Kink Meme

Here @ [community profile] harrypotter_anon_kinkmeme

No names, no IP Logging, just lots of kink.

Post your prompts or fill someone else's.
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Prompting is now open at [community profile] hp_friendship!

The HP Friendship Fest is a prompt-based ficathon that celebrates one of the big themes of the Harry Potter series: friendship. We would like to showcase friendship between Harry Potter characters in all its many facets. What do friends do for friends, and what do they do to them? You tell us!

banner by [personal profile] tetleythesecond

Prompting Post || Rules & Timeline || [info]hp_friendship at LJ

To help promote[community profile] hp_friendship, please copy the code and post it to your journal:

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[community profile] hp_prisonerfest [community profile] hp_prisonerfest [community profile] hp_prisonerfest

Link: [info]hp_prisonerfest // [info]hp_prisonerfest // [info]hp_prisonerfest

Description: We are a Harry Potter anonymous exchange fest for authors and artists to write/draw about HP characters in a prisoner style situation.

Posting date: Posting Now! ♥

We're now posting! Come and check out the amazing fics and artwork that have been posted so far :) There are many more amazing pieces to come, too! We have a variety of pairings and ratings, sure to suit everyone!
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The community has some new affiliates which may be of interest to members:

[community profile] hp_betas_wanted is a Harry Potter-exclusive community for beta offers and beta requests. All authors and beta readers welcome.

[community profile] hp_diversity is a community that welcomes posting of fanfiction, fanart, recs, discussion of characters of color from the Harry Potter fandom. The community exists to perpetually increase the volume of diversity in HP fandom.

[community profile] hp_femmeslash is the place to post Femmeslash stories, drabbles, poetry and art for anything related to the Girls and Women of Hogwarts. All ratings are welcome.

[profile] hp_fanfiction is a place for all Harry Potter fanworks. We take art, icons, fiction, fanmixes, podfic and more.
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Sorting! Be voted, via application process, into one of the four houses. Games! Contests! House points! Exclusive common room-style sub-comms! Sounds awesome, right? Then help get this community off the ground. Advertise if interested. :)


After not seeing an active Harry Potter community here on Dreamwidth (and dying a little on the inside), Headmistress Ari set out to create one!
Welcome potential applicants to Enchanted Elite. You get one chance to make it in (because what's the fun if you don't have a little bit of a challenge). We aim to have loads of fun activities, lots of conversations (I mean, we have Pottermore to look forward to), and other things as time goes on.
Join in the fun, be part of the experience. We hope to see you get sorted!

We currently do not have any house heads, once we get a bit of a memberbase in each house, we will be holding elections.


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[community profile] hp_diversity is a community that welcomes posting of fanfiction, fanart, recs, discussion of characters of color from the Harry Potter fandom. The community exists to perpetually increase the volume of diversity in HP fandom.

All genres welcome- including but not limited to: gen, het, slash, & femmeslash fanwork.
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Beta finding community for Harry Potter fandom at [community profile] hp_betas_wanted
All fanworks welcome with a focus on fanfiction.

Both beta requests and offers are welcome :)

Posting is open!

We're on LJ as well :)
[livejournal.com profile] hp_betas_wanted 


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