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it's a weird idea so bear with me. ^^' i've been stuck in the Potter fandom for a couple months now and i finally realized about a third of the fics are total rewrites with a twist: Harry's in a different house, his parent(s) are alive or one/both isn't James or Lily, someone stole him from the Dursleys, etc. each one is year by year which explains why most aren't finished, but i'm getting off track. i was reading a DarkHarry fic where he lets Tom steal Ginny's life in Year 2 and it got me thinking how i'd rewrite the whole series.

Year 1 would stay the same simply for establishing purposes.

Year 2 would be pretty much the same, except i'd explain the horcruxes at the end, that the diary was one.

so i could use the locket as a subplot in Year 3, having Sirius around to explain RAB and they'd figure out Voldie's plan.

Year 4 would actually be Order of the Phoenix, just that Voldemort doesn't have his body. admit it, the book would have been cooler if Tom was trying to possess Harry each time instead of broadcasting his emotions, what he was doing and tricking Harry into the Ministry. Dumbledore'd die this year when he saves Harry from the possession.

Year 5 would be Half-Blood Prince in that they figure out what each of the horcruxes are.

Year 6 they'd figure out how to de-horcrux Harry without killing him.

Year 7 would be the tournament. the fight in the graveyard is the final confrontation, Harry stopping Voldemort getting a new body fulfilling the 'neither can live while the other survives'. having it at the end is actually using it as the plot device it was meant to be; showing that the war extended outside of England. bringing both Light and Dark supporters from the continent to England as 'spectators' would be bolder than the vague mention of the war outside of Britain and the 2 foreign characters that are(Karkaroff) or get involved(Fleur) in the war.

so what do you think? what would you change in the plot, besides who dies?
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So, what's your favorite book in the Harry Potter series? Mine is the first book and third book. Kinda hard to believe the series is finally over but at least there's still the movies. Only two left now.


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