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Community description:A general HP fandom community
[community profile] harrypotter is for discussion, meta, resource posts, promo, fic/art searches, fanworks, and anything Harry Potter-related. We're a laid back, casual community, so feel free to drop in.

Affiliates: [community profile] hp_betas_wanted | [community profile] hp_diversity | [community profile] hp_femmeslash | [community profile] hp_fanworks

  1. Be excellent to each other; if there are any issues, please remain respectful of each other as human beings. If you need to contact an admin, please directly message an admin.

  2. Posting of fanworks (art, fic, podfic, vids), discussion, meta, rec lists, fic searches, and pretty much everything is allowed.

  3. Put all NSFW things behind a cut and label appropriately. Put all large images and long posts behind a cut. Use your best judgement as to what merits a cut.

  4. Use of tags is optional; just remember that using tags will allow interested people to more easily find your post.

  5. Cross-community promo for events is fine. Use the template to post. You can promo new communities as long as they are HP-related and on Dreamwidth. Old communities (created more than three months ago) that are HP-related and on Dreamwidth should only be promoted every couple of months. Use your best judgement.

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How to Promote [community profile] harrypotter
harrypotter: A Harry Potter Fandom Community

[community profile] harrypotter is for discussion, meta, resource posts, rec posts, promo, fic/art searches, fanworks, promoting Dreamwidth-based Harry Potter events, and pretty much anything Harry Potter-related. We're a laid back, casual community. Feel free to drop in!

Masterlist Last Updated 2016/10/27

Masterlist of HP Communities on Dreamwidth

Note: Not all of these communities are currently active. However, sometimes all it takes is one post to wake-up a community. If you know of another community, just let me know via a comment to this post!

[community profile] daily_snitch
[community profile] snapenews
[community profile] snupin_prophet
[community profile] dhr_news
[community profile] sshp_prophet
[syndicated profile] hgss_digest_feed, [community profile] hgss_digest
[syndicated profile] quibbler_report_feed, [community profile] quibbler_report

General Interest Harry Potter Communities
[community profile] harrypotter - A general community for Harry Potter fandom.
[community profile] harrypotterdays - For Harry Potter fans; icons, recs, fanfiction, vids and more.
[community profile] death_eaters - A community dedicated to the characters of Harry Potter who took the Dark Mark.
[community profile] hp_creatures - Wings And Tails - A HP Creature Community
[community profile] hp_animagus

[community profile] hp_add_me - Find other Harry Potter fans on Dreamwidth

Canon Discussion
[community profile] hp_reboot - A Harry Potter canon celebration community!
[community profile] canon_evidence
[community profile] mitfords_hp

[community profile] enchanted_elite / [community profile] enchanted_sorting - A Harry Potter sorting community.

Associated Interest
[community profile] hp_steampunk
[community profile] hp_canada - Harry Potter Fans in Canada
[community profile] mwpp_moments - It's Hogwarts in the '70s. Let's rock out.

[community profile] writercon_uk -
[community profile] hp_irl - The Harry Potter Meetup Group
[community profile] lubricus - A fan-inspired and fan-run wizarding slash convention!
[community profile] ascendio2012

[community profile] alternity / Alternity - An alternate-universe Harry Potter game, in which Harry was raised as Voldemort's heir.
[community profile] stormandstress - A historical game set in the Harry Potter universe, which is for original characters.
[community profile] thisisreallynow
[community profile] urbanfantastic - A role-playing community for fans of urban fantasy
[community profile] wizardingschool
[community profile] magicdrafted
[community profile] au_hogwarts
[community profile] potterstuckrp
[community profile] marriagelaw

[community profile] hp_comment_porn - Erotic Harry Potter fanfiction and fanart challenges
[community profile] hp_worldcup_bets - Football World Cup betting pool for HP fans!
[community profile] hpchallenge
[community profile] hp_nextgen100
[community profile] harrypotter_anon_kinkmeme
[community profile] hp_humpdrabbles
[community profile] reversathon

Single Character
[community profile] harry100
[community profile] draco100
[community profile] snape100
[community profile] lupin100

[community profile] snupin100
[community profile] snarry100
[community profile] rhr100
[community profile] harryron100
[community profile] slythindor100
[community profile] albuscorpius100
[community profile] dracoharry100
[community profile] snucius100
[community profile] grangerblack100
[community profile] quiz_sshg

Big Bangs
[community profile] bulgarianbang

Single-Character Centric
[community profile] luciusbigbang
[community profile] bigbangblackout

[community profile] harryronbigbang

[community profile] hp_podfic_fest
[community profile] hoggywartyxmas
[community profile] hp_creatures - HP Creature Fest
[community profile] hp_friendship - HP Friendship Fest
[community profile] hp_tarot - The Potterverse Tarot Fest: Fanfic and fanart in the Harry Potter universe inspired by the Tarot.
[community profile] hp_ssc_fest - An HP BDSM Fest
[community profile] dudley_redeemed - Tales of Dudley Dursley's Redemption
[community profile] interhouse_fest
[community profile] wizard_love
[community profile] samhain_smut
[community profile] hp_kinkfest

Single-Character Centric
[community profile] deeply_horrible - a bastard!Snape challenge
[community profile] deflower_draco - Deflowering Draco Malfoy since 2011
[community profile] teddy_fest

[community profile] hd_birthday_bash - Celebrations for Harry and Draco's Birthdays
[community profile] dhr_advent - An annual Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger Advent-themed fest.
[community profile] rs_games - Remus/Sirius Games
[community profile] rs_career_fest - Remus/Sirius Career Fest
[community profile] silverdoe_fest - A Severus & Lily Winter Ficathon
[community profile] hpgwficafest - Harry/Ginny Fic Fest
[community profile] the_ass_fest - The Albus/Scorpius Fest
[community profile] shaggydog_swap - Remus/Sirius
[community profile] sshg_exchange - Severus Snape/Hermione Granger
[personal profile] hds_beltane - Harry, Draco and Severus, and all permutations thereof

[community profile] femmefest - Femmefest - A Harry Potter Femmeslash Exchange Fest
[community profile] hp_prisonerfest - An anonymous exchange fest for authors to write about HP characters in a prisoner style situation.
[community profile] 3fan_holidays - a holiday ficlet and drabble exchange for three fandoms: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Pirates of the Caribbean.
[personal profile] hp_porninthesun
[community profile] hp_holidaygen

Character Centric
[community profile] snapelyholidays - holiday art/fic exchange revolving around Snape.

Pairing Centric
[community profile] snarry_holidays - A Severus Snape/Harry Potter Anonymous Exchange
[community profile] otterandferret - An annual Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy gift exchange. Otter and Ferret runs from Jan - May.
[community profile] hd_holidays

[community profile] hd_remix

[community profile] hp_fanworks - A place for all Harry Potter fanworks. We take art, icons, fiction, fanmixes, podfic and more.
[community profile] hp_betas_wanted - All authors and beta readers welcome.
[community profile] hp_fanart - HP Fanart
[community profile] hp_teenyfics - Short Fiction in the Potterverse
[community profile] hp_diversity - Increasing the volume of fanworks about Harry Potter's characters of colour, one fanwork at a time!
[community profile] variety_is - For all your HP rarepair needs
[community profile] hp_plotbunnies - Harry Potter Plotbunnies
[community profile] daily_deviant, [syndicated profile] daily_deviant_feed (RSS) [syndicated profile] daily_deviant_feed (Atom)
[community profile] hpdeviants
[community profile] hpsws - Six Word Stories for the Harry Potter fandom

[community profile] hp_misfitfics - A Harry Potter Gen Fic Community

[community profile] hp_femmeslash - Fans of Harry Potter Femmeslash
[community profile] hp_femsmut - For Fans of Explicit Femslash
[community profile] hpslash - slash and femmeslash

[community profile] hpslash - slash and femmeslash
[community profile] hpnextgenslash

Single Character-Centric Communities
Severus Snape
[community profile] severus_sighs
[community profile] snapedom
[community profile] snapecast
[community profile] snapenews

Everyone Else
[community profile] regulus_black
[community profile] teddy_bare - Teddy Bare
[community profile] lunalovegoodnow - Luna Lovegood Now
[community profile] cedric_diggory_fiction - Gone But Not Forgotten
[community profile] harry_submits - For Lovers of a Submissive Harry
[community profile] pervy_werewolf - Remus Lupin
[community profile] sirius_blk - Sirius Black

Pairing-Specific Communities

Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindelwald
[community profile] grindeldore

[community profile] dracoships - Shipping Draco Malfoy with...anyone!
[community profile] draco_het - Het Draco Pairings

[community profile] dracoandginny

[community profile] dmhghp
[community profile] dramione
[community profile] dhr_news

[community profile] quiz_sshg
[syndicated profile] hgss_digest_feed / [community profile] hgss_digest

Remus Lupin/Severus Snape
[community profile] lupin_snape
[community profile] snupin_prophet

[community profile] rondraco

[community profile] blackcest

[community profile] sirius_bellatrix

[community profile] ss_rs_craze

[community profile] puppylove
[community profile] wolfstar
[community profile] shaggydog_swap
[community profile] ss_rs_craze

Harry Potter/Severus Snape
[community profile] snape_potter
[community profile] snarryville - Discussion and Meta on the Snarry ship, fandom and fanworks.
[community profile] snarryficfind
[community profile] sshp_prophet

[community profile] harry_ginny_centric

Hermione & Neville
[community profile] hermioneville

[community profile] rhrinloveandwar

[community profile] severuslucius

[community profile] remus_ron

[community profile] hermionesirius

Severus Snape/Luna Lovegood
[community profile] snuna

[community profile] harrydraco
[community profile] hd_fanart
[community profile] harrylovesdraco
[community profile] dracotops_harry
[community profile] harryanddraco
[community profile] but_malfoy - A Harry/Draco fanfic index
[community profile] harrydracompreg
[community profile] hd_loveshack
[community profile] hd_inspired
[community profile] snitches_n_smut
[community profile] serpentinelion
[community profile] hd_remix

[community profile] harry_and_ron

Albus Severus/Scorpius
[community profile] the_ass_ship

RSS Feeds
[syndicated profile] quibbler_report_feed
[syndicated profile] hgss_digest_feed

[syndicated profile] potterfests_feed

Reccing Comms
[syndicated profile] crack_broom_feed

Thematic Fanwork Communities
[syndicated profile] daily_deviant_feed

[syndicated profile] hp_betas_feed
[syndicated profile] hp_betas_wanted_feed / [community profile] hp_betas_wanted

Pairing-Specific Communities
[syndicated profile] dramione_feed
[syndicated profile] dramionedrabble_feed
[syndicated profile] dmhg_icontest_feed
[syndicated profile] dmhgchallenge_feed
[syndicated profile] dmhgficexchange_feed
[syndicated profile] dramione_duet_feed
[syndicated profile] dramione_remix_feed
[syndicated profile] dramione_awards_feed
[syndicated profile] hawthorn_and_vine_feed
[syndicated profile] hawthorn_vine_lj_feed

[syndicated profile] remusxsirius_feed

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